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I am who I am

...and I am a nerd


Your name is ADAM. You are a MAN, although the connotations of that term are things you would much rather avoid. You are IRREDEEMABLY NERDY and have a wide variety of GEEKY INTERESTS, including YOUNG KUNG FU PRODIGIES WITH THE ABILITY TO MANIPULATE THE FOUR ELEMENTS, MODERN DAY CHILDREN OF THE ANCIENT GREEK GODS, and SPIKY HAIRED SHONEN PROTAGONISTS WIELDING HUGE KEYS. You are a bit of a WEEABOO and enjoy ANIME and MANGA quite a bit. Your hobbies include READING, WRITING, and DICKING AROUND ON THE INTERNET. You always seem to have some sort of PROJECT planned, be it the learning of a NEW SKILL or what have you, but you never seem to actually get around to FINISHING THEM. You enjoy listening to music, especially of the DOWNTRODDEN EARLY NINETIES VARIETY. Your favorite band is a threesome from Oakland, California whose name is a COLLOQUIAL PHRASE for a DAY SPENT SMOKING MARIJUANA. Every so often, you spend LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY to attend GEEK CONVENTIONS, where you may be found COSPLAYING. You are also an ARIES, not that you put any stock in ASTROLOGY.

You currently attend a LARGE URBAN UNIVERSITY, where you study in the hopes of one day entering the LAND OF HILLS AND BONES, where you might dig up REPTILIAN CREATURES OF A PREHISTORIC PERSUASION.

You GANKED the idea for this bio from a GOOD FRIEND, based on a RATHER OBSCURE WEBCOMIC which does not have nearly enough FANS.

Your handle on the internet is AERODACTYLUS, except where IT ISN'T, and your statements waffle back and forth between
stoically calm and DELIRIOUSLY JOYFUL.